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My name is Diya and I have been struggling with mental health for the last 4 years.

In the beginning, I was not able to really understand what was happening to me just because it was all very new and I had never experienced something like this before. I would stress a lot over things which probably were very minor, but they affected me a lot.

I visited therapists and tried out therapy too for a couple of months which didn’t really help me. In fact, it made things more complicated. My therapist told me that I had gone into depression and the sooner I accept it the easier it will be to heal. I was also having panic attacks very frequently due to an extreme amount of stress, so I started going for sessions hoping that it would help me somehow. Unfortunately, it didn’t help me so I stopped going and thought that maybe I could figure it out by myself.

I started reading self-help and self-growth books which helped me tremendously. On the sidelines, though, I was becoming a very quiet and shy person. I was always an extremely social girl who would love to talk to others. Although now I avoid having a conversation with anyone because I feel like what I say doesn’t really matter to people.

I became dependent on the approval of others that I forgot it’s important to be okay with just being how I am. Accepting yourself is something very important which I didn’t do.

My mental health journey has taught me a lot and because of what I faced I became inspired to help others and spread awareness about mental health because I would never want anyone to go through what I went through.

I think it’s okay if you’re going through something and it’s very important to talk to people about it. Suppressing it will only make it worse. I took a lot of time to accept myself and my mental problems. I would want people to be okay with just how they are. I hope to help others and spread as much awareness as I can about mental health. Love yourself always ❤️


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